• Charina Redugerio

Dream Uncomfortably

When I was younger I used to day dream A LOT! Day dreaming made me happy. It put me in a position in life where I felt like I was in control. I got to control what I said, the clothes I wore, the setting of where I was and the feeling I felt. I felt great, comfortable and happy. Fast forward to today. The things I dream about has definitely changed. When I catch myself dreaming I get so uncomfortable because of how huge my dreams have become. Ive set such a high bar for myself that it makes me feel a ton of discomfort when I start to realize how much focus and work I have to put in, to make my dream a reality. I know what type of sacrifices I have to make in order for me to get closer to my dreams. I know that the road will be a road of trial and error and it will take a lot of focus and discipline. The biggest battles I fight along the way are with myself, the inner demons I have. The negative voices telling me not to be foolish. To stay in the same position I am now. The voices that tell me that I'm not good enough. During those moments I feel like a person who doesn't know to swim who has just been dropped into the ocean. What would that person do? There's only two options DROWN OR SWIM. I choose to swim. Will it be easy? HELL NO! But I know that the end results will be worth it. What about you? WILL YOU CHOOSE TO SINK OR SWIM?

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